Guide for Parent Helpers

Guide for Parent Helpers2013-05-07T21:24:10+00:00

We are very grateful for any help you can offer. Please see the following points for guidance:

  • Events in the classroom and around the school should be deemed as confidential
  • You will be guided by the class teacher
  • Appropriate dress is required
  • Mobile phones are not to be used and should be switched off in the classroom
  • Help is very much appreciated.  Please avoid “homing in” on your child.  It is likely you will not be asked to work with your child
  • Tea and Coffee is available for you – please ask your class teacher
  • For trips outside school it will depend entirely upon each teacher as to whether you are put in your child’s group
  • If you have any concerns about a child in the school, or the behaviour of any adult in the school, please inform the class teacher who will take the necessary next steps.
  • Please ensure you attend a volunteer safeguarding training session.

Please see the Guidance for Support Staff Volunteers June 2017

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