Children’s Prayers

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The Junipers Class Prayer:

Dear God,

We thank you for our friends in class and the playground. You teach us to be kind and thoughtful. We thank you for the teachers in our school. They help us with our learning and keep us safe.
Please help us to make good decisions at school and at home.


The Puffins Class Prayer:

Dear God,

Thank you for our friends, family and the incredible world. Help us to be kind to each other and help us to take care of our family. Encourage us to donate to charities that help people all around the world.


The Maples Class Prayer:


Dear Lord, our heavenly Father,

Thank you for our joyous world and food you provided.
I am sorry for pushing my brother each morning.
Please help others who are suffering in wars or suffering with disease.
Please help me to be a better person.

by Floss Goatley

The Oaks Class Prayer:


Dear God,

Thank you for our beautiful world and for allowing us to learn at St Mary’s school.
Please help others who are less fortunate than us to have the opportunity to learn and keep healthy.


The Willows Class Prayer


Dear Lord,

Thank you for all the beautiful nature, food and water.
Sorry for shouting at my Mummy.
Please stop people from hunting animals.
Please help me with my work.


By Felix M


Poplars Class Prayer:

Dear God,

Thank you for school and all the work we have, the playtimes and our friends.
Thank you for my family, teachers and the earth we live on.
Thank you for the animals, wildlife, trees that help us survive and the plants we have.


 Sycamores Class Prayer


For the people,
Thank you Lord.

For your love,
Thank you Lord.

For nature,
Thank you Lord.

For the animals,
Thank you Lord.

For the night and day,
Thank you Lord.

For the sun and the moon,
Thank you Lord.

by Katy Jones

The 4B  Class Prayer:

Dear Lord,

Please help us make the right decisions and help us to make the right choices and be considerate of others and always do our best. Help us to look after everyone in the world, guide us through our lives and let us succeed in our friendships.


by Tess Benton

The 4T Class Prayer

Dear God

Please can you help people in need.
Thank you for kind people around me and materials to make this mind-blowing school!
Thank you for protecting me throughout the summer holidays and letting me start a fresh, new year.


By Alfie


The 5T Class Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for family, friends and all the teachers at St.Mary’s who help us learn.
Sorry if we don’t use rubbish bins enough which makes the world a polluted place for everyone.
Help us remember all the brave people who fought bravely for our freedom.
I praise you for the sunshine that brightens up the day, so we can play outside and enjoy the weather.

By Mollie

The 5 Class Prayer

Thank you for creating this beautiful world we live in and your wonderful ideas.

Thank you for all the nature and wildlife.
Please help all the people ein Iraq and other places with war and struggle, in this hard time of death and suffering. Please help them to remember that you are always with them.
Thank you for our school and that we can come here to learn so we can grow into sensible, cleaver, enduring adults.
Please watch over anyone who is ill or suffering. We pray you will heal them quickly. Please also help all the older peple who are not as able-bodied and can not do as much as us.
In Jesus’ name.



The 6P Class Prayer

Thank you for St.Mary’s where they help us to learn new things.
Please help us to take these opportunities to help us be ready for the future that lies ahead of us.
We pray for the children in South Africa and other countries who don’t have the same education, unlike us, who have more chances to learn and make new friends.
We bless our wonderful teachers and friends who have helped us all the way.


The 6S Class Prayer

Dear God,

The stars above, the family I love, were made by you.
When I rest my head, on my cosy bed, I know you are with me.
Help me work my hardest, even when the times are darkest, help me.
When I play, help me make the day, as lovely as can be.
As I read, help me understand different things.
When I take my test, help me do my best and all the rest.
I play with my friends, the fun never ends and you are guiding me.
Teach me all I need to know, when my work is going slow.
We all praise you and are all so thankful for you.


By Apoorva


Pines’ Class Prayer:

Thank you God for all of us as we are so special.
Thank you God for everyone in our families and for all our friends.
Thank you God for Mr Tumble and CBeebies and for all the things we enjoy in our lives.
Thank you God for different colours, sounds and shapes, all of which remind us that God loves everything.