School Meals and Snacks

School Meals and Snacks2018-10-04T13:40:05+00:00

The current cost of a school meal is £2.20  for main course and desert.

Please visit their website here.

At Lunchtime children can either have school meals or bring a packed lunch from home.

On no occasion must any foodstuff from home contain nuts or any nut products. We are a nut free school.

Please email the school requesting to start or stop school lunches ( A week’s notice is required.

St Mary’s achieved the Healthy School Award in 2003 for encouraging a healthy lifestyle. At break time we provide fresh fruit for younger children (at the Infant site) and older children are also encouraged to snack on fruit or to have a juice drink brought in from home. Again, no nuts or nut products are allowed.

In school children are encouraged to drink water and to have their own individual bottle readily available. Good quality water bottles can be purchased from the school office.