St Mary's Church of England Primary School Twickenham

Winners! – Time Explorers Challenge

Over the Spring term, St Mary’s took part in the Time Explorers Challenge, run by Royal Historical Palace. The challenge was to investigate the life of Queen Victoria, especially her early life at Kensington Palace. Each year group was involved in a wide range of activities, from DT and Art to English and P.E. The project reached in finale with the Whole School Victorian Day where each child became a Victorian for the morning.

All project work was then submitted back to Royal Historical Palaces for judgement. The children and staff’s hard work paid off as we were awarded the Cross Ciricular Prize for having the most diverse range of work. This, I believe, is the first History prize the school as won.

As a reward, three children from each Year 3 – 6 class were choosen to go to Kensington Palace as part of the Time Explorers Celebration week. First up was a quick test of the children’s spelling ability. Each child was given a letter, then were told to spell some increasingly challenging historical word, ending with a brave attempt at spelling ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’! We eventually ran out of letters. Phew!!

Next were some Victorian Sports Day events, starting with the Potato Race. This was a highly tactical race where the children had to pick up potatoes from the floor and return them to their baskets. Possibly a future Sports Day event? Finally, each team played each other in games of bowls and hoopla.

Finally, the moment we had been waiting for … a chance to meet Queen Victoria herself! The children were introduce to the Queen by two of her Prime Ministers, Lord Melborne and Sir Robert Peel. They could then ask the Queen any questions about her life at Kensington Palace. The questions put to Her Majesty were both well thought out and challenging to answer. She then presented us with a certificate and trophy to show our achievement.

I would like to thank all the children and staff who worked so hard during this project and helped make it such a success!

Miss Micallef