Match Funding is a simple way to maximise the fundraising efforts of parent PTA volunteers. If you work for an organisation that has a Match Funding policy, any money you raise for FoSM could be matched by your employer. Companies may match the fundraising total for an event, for example the stall that their employee is working on at a school fair or a sponsored swim, run or walk. Usually, the employee will need to supply them with a letter from FoSM detailing the date and nature of the event, together with the total raised.

We have attached a list of firms who we know have Match Funding schemes: PDF of companies providing Match Funding.

Matched Funding FAQs

Payroll Giving lets donors make regular or one-off donations to charities of their choice directly from their earnings or personal pension. Payroll Giving is a scheme run through HMRC which allows employees to make simple, tax-effective donations to any UK charity or good cause.  Employers who pay through PAYE can set up a Payroll Giving scheme. Other brand names for Payroll Giving include Give As You Earn and Workplace Giving.

Donations are deducted from gross pay, before tax is deducted, which gives immediate tax relief on donations and means it costs less to donate, for example £10 pledged from the parent’s gross salary at a standard 20% rate of tax only costs the parent £8, or £6 if they pay the higher rate of tax at 40%. 

FoSM does not claim Gift Aid on Payroll Giving as these donations are already tax-free.

The Association of Payroll Giving Organisations:

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