Growing and learning together to be our best, inspired by Jesus’ love.

At St Mary’s we seek to:

Nurture our children and every member of the school community with a sense of God by encouraging deeper relationships between each other and with God helping to make God more real for all of us.

As Mary, our patron, brought Jesus into our world for every one of us, the aspiration of the school is to follow her example and be compassionate, loving, caring and inclusive. Born of Mary, Jesus made life holy in all its different forms and our community strives to do the same. This is reflected in our school motto “Conemur” which means “We will try”.

I can write my own commandments

Be kind and helpful to others.

Treat everyone equally and fairly.

Always offer to help someone.

Be kind to people who are sad.

Let others play your games so they can have fun.

Respect others and their religion.

Don’t rule others out because of their abilities.

When others are hurt help them up and ask if they are ok.

Love your friends and family.

Try not to upset others when you are angry.

By Mabel

St Mary’s pupil