At St Mary’s we believe Home Learning (or Homework) is an important part of pupils’ education. Home Learning enables pupils to achieve the following:

  • Consolidate and extend learning from school.
  • Explore passions and interests further.
  • Develop the skill of independent learning in a non-school setting, preparing them for the demands of secondary school and beyond.

Details on the weekly expectations for Home Learning tasks for each year group can be found in our Home Learning Policy

Whilst we hope pupils develop independence in their Home Learning, we understand the important role parents and carers can have in the process and encourage them to be involved. The following guidance was designed during the school’s closure in 2020 for parents but remains a pertinent document for home support: Home Learning Parental Guidance

Home School Agreement

As part of the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998, we have a Home-School-Child Agreement which we offer all parents/guardians. The Agreement explains:

• The school’s aims and values

• The school’s responsibilities towards its pupils

• The responsibilities of the pupil’s parents; and

• What the school expects of its pupils.

We produced the Home-School-Child Agreement by drawing together a volunteer group of parents. This group discussed the effectiveness of St Mary’s home-school links and produced a draft of the Agreement which the teaching staff developed further and the Governing Body then approved.

Each child will receive a copy of the Agreement. Please would you read it and sign the parents’ section, returning the signed Agreement to your child’s class teacher. The Headteacher, Mrs Abrahams, will then sign on behalf of the school and return the Agreement to you to keep.

You will see that on the back page of the Agreement there is a section for each child to sign. This only need be done if you think your child is able to understand the Agreement and what is expected of him or her. However, most of our pupils would be able to do so and would enjoy playing their part by signing their names, especially if you can spend a few minutes discussing the document together first. If you have more than one child in school, could they all sign the same copy so that we have just one document per family please.

See our Home School Agreement on our policies page

Online Learning Platforms

In Reception, Tapestry is the online learning platform used for children to upload evidence of their work. Find further information on Tapestry here: Tapestry letter 2020-21

In Years 1-6, Google Classroom is the online platform used. Homework is set my teachers, submitted by pupils and assessed by teachers all using Google Classroom. The platform provides a paper-free approach to Home Learning but also has a range of media and functionality that supports learning. Any families who do not have sufficient technology at home can have paper copies of work. The following video supports those new to Google Classroom in logging on at home: Google Classroom Logging On Support

Further support 

You may wish to support your child beyond the assigned tasks sent home each week. The following website and documents should be helpful:

Links to great online learning resources

DfE recommended resources and websites

Oak National Academy (online school)

Supporting_Readers_at Home

Online phonics lessons

Times Tables Rockstars

We subscribe to Times Tables Rockstars (TTRS) at St Mary’s. It is a popular and fun way to develop fluency in multiplication tables. Please do encourage your child to take play at home.

Information for parents on TTRS

First News

Click on the below editions of the school’s subscription to First News, a children’s newspaper.

First News 10th-16th April 2020 edition

First News 17th-23rd April 2020 edition

First News 24th-30th April 2020 edition

First News 1st-7th May 2020 edition

First News 15th-21st May 2020 edition

First News 29th May-4th June 2020 edition

First News 5th-11th June 2020 edition

First News 26th June – 1st July 2020 edition

First News 3rd-9th July 2020 edition

First News 10th-16th July 2020 edition

First News 17th-23rd July 2020 edition


Some useful websites to inspire art activities and creativity at home.

The Tate Kids

Royal Academy of Arts family ideas

Access Art – resources for home

CBBC’s Art Ninja


Cooking at home is a great way to learn culinary skills whilst also applying reading and maths skills in a meaningful context. It is also a fantastic opportunity to better understand healthy living and diets. We hope that all our children have the opportunity to cook and be creative in the kitchen. The below links to recipes should be useful:

BBC Healthy Recipes for Kids

Change 4 Life Recipes