Our Curriculum Intent

At St Mary’s we have designed a distinct and unique curriculum which meets the academic requirements of the National Curriculum whilst also providing the social and emotional learning that is so essential to our pupils in this day in age. Our curriculum mirrors our vision: finding the balance between compassion and excellence.

We believe our curriculum strikes the right balance between engaging, meaningful learning and also enabling key skills to be mastered. Learning is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners, challenging and supporting where appropriate.

Each half term, year groups explore a different topic of learning alongside an overarching Key Question. The half term’s learning begins with a Hook, which allows the children to explore their topic through practical, engaging activities which generate a thirst and passion for learning; there are opportunities to share prior knowledge and ask questions to be explored further. To deepen learning and develop experts in each topic area, cross-curricular learning is taken advantage of at every opportunity. This approach gives meaning to learning, it engages children and enables them to do their best. At the end of each half term, year groups culminate their learning with a celebration of Great Work – an opportunity to share a particular aspect of what they have learnt with their peers, another class or parents; an opportunity to showcase outstanding learning and outcomes – true excellence.

Importantly, our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our pupils. There are frequent opportunities to engage in debate on important global issues such as war and conflict, poverty, freedom, environmental sustainability and much more – developing compassionate learners and global citizens. Living in Twickenham, we are fortunate to have close access to some of the best theatres, galleries and museums in the world – our children develop a rich Cultural Capital. We also recognise the need to broaden our horizons, taking every opportunity to learn about, and celebrate, diverse London and Britain.

With this knowledge, skills and experience – alongside a true love of learning – St Mary’s pupils are well prepared for life at secondary school and beyond.