FoSM (Friends of St Mary’s) Charity Commission Registered Number: 1026779

Friends of St Mary’s (FoSM) is our school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and a registered charity. We provide an opportunity for all parents and teachers to work together towards raising funds for our school in a fun and sociable way. In addition to raising funds we aim to support the teachers and staff in any way we can to provide a strong and healthy school community that creates the best possible educational environment for our children. 

From September 2018 to August 2019 we raised an amazing £31,395.75!  Along with surplus brought forward from previous years, FoSM bought the following for the school in 2018/2019:

Air conditioning Middle Site  £25,912.00
Playground equipment/maintenance  £16,055.80 
iPads Infant Site £8,180.00
IT equipment and subscriptions (Purple Mash, Twinkl, Education City, Tapestry) £3,612.80
Cake Sale classroom resources £3,809.09
Glue sticks £1,873.81
Phase 1 Junior Site pond upgrade £1,000.00
Treeworks Middle Site £1,000.00
Shortfall fund (e.g. school trips)   £970.48
Year 6 cinema trip £876.00 
Djembe Drums £750.61
First News children’s newspaper £652.50 
Year 6 Henley Fort trip £450.00 
Thank you gifts for staff £441.47 
Year 6 book vouchers £295.11 
Reading books £270.39
The Music Handbooks £262.94
Easter egg hunt chocolates £233.32
General Knowledge Championship £180.00 
New Parents Evening drinks £150.74 
Fish tank maintenance Junior Site £114.52 
Christmas trees £109.97  
Reception water bottles C£107.80
Saturday football pitch fee £69.40
Infants’ Christmas party £63.36

 2019/2020 Fundraising Targets

FoSM funds many of the same resources each academic year, such as IT equipment, online subscriptions, reception water bottles, playground equipment, year 6 trips and the shortfall fund. This ongoing contribution to the school and its pupils comes to a total of around £20,000 per year. In addition to this, for the academic year (2019/2020) we are specifically fundraising for:

  • Phase 2 Junior Site pond upgrade
  • Outdoor teaching area Junior Site
  • Raised planter beds Junior Site
  • iPads Middle Site
  • Reception playground upgrade
  • Internal phone system all sites
  • Pop-up gazebos for fairs
  • China cups for school fairs/inset days etc.
  • New reading scheme books all sites
  • Middle Site railings screen shortfall

You can donate directly to FoSM via our Pay Pal Giving Fund here: