Our values

Our values enhance and enrich our vision; they celebrate excellence through Endurance, Wisdom and Service and encourage compassion through Friendship, Thankfulness and Forgiveness.

Our children put it best:



Courage to give it a go even when it’s tough; never giving up; building character through resilience and perseverance.


Gaining the wisdom, knowledge and skills to make the right choices; reflecting on our strengths and areas for development; learning from our experiences to make a difference.


Showing compassion for others, realising we all make mistakes and becoming stronger for them.


Working for ourselves and one another, committing to our work; learning from and being inspired by Jesus Christ.


Learning to work well with others; loving one another; treating each other with dignity and respect.


Appreciating ourselves, each other and our world; valuing our learning opportunities; showing gratitude and saying ‘thank you’.