Our Strategic Overview

Growing and learning together to be our best, inspired by Jesus’ love.

St Mary’s motto is Conemur – may we try together – striving to be our best, for ourselves, our community and our world.

Overall School

Where we are now:

Updated Vision & Values – A working group of staff members and governors, in collaboration with pupils and parents, have reviewed and refreshed the school’s Vision and Values and reinforced the school’s commitment to the pillars of excellence and compassion. Our Vision and Values can be read in full here.

Inspection Preparation – The school was last inspected in 2011 and we are committed to remaining prepared for our next inspection whenever that might be and we aim to maintain our “outstanding” status within the new Ofsted framework. The school was last SIAMS inspected in 2016 with the next inspection due in 2021 – the SIAMS Inspector commended the shared commitment of leaders, governors and the school chaplain which is “sustaining a culture that blends compassion with excellence” and we aim to uphold this view.

Improved Financial OutlookWith the support of the whole school community, significant financial challenges have been and continue to be addressed through careful budgeting, fundraising, efficiency savings and seeking a fairer funding formula to secure a strong financial footing for the school’s long term future.

In 3-5 Years:

Teaching School – We are aiming to become a School’s Direct school by the end of 2021/22 which is a stepping stone towards becoming a teaching school. We aim to have more St Mary’s students training with the school and we want to ensure that the teachers of our future share our ethos too.

Financial Preparation – We will be prepared to address increasing costs from teacher salary scaling and funding for pensions. The National Funding Formula together with our own continued efficiency will mean that we are on track to achieve long-term financial stability.

Inspection Achievement – We are anticipating both Ofsted and SIAMS inspections in the next 3-5 years and we are confident that we have built on our Outstanding standards across the board since our last inspections. We look forward to implementing any recommendations that result from these inspections.

Stakeholder Engagement – Lines of communication with the parent community will be streamlined, with channels in place for feedback from all stakeholders. We will have improved links to the diocese, local businesses and charities and will have strengthened ties with local primary and secondary schools.


Where we are now:

The school has focused on its commitment to being a compassionate, wholly inclusive school and an active part of the community and beyond. Our initiatives include working towards becoming an adoption friendly school and working closely with the Anna Freud outreach service, in addition to fundraising in support local, national and global charities. Our curriculum gives opportunities for pupils to learn about each other, communities and the richness diversity brings them; topic themes also allow pupils time to explore and understand environmental threats and how we can protect and care for our planet.

In 3-5 years:

Inclusivity – We will hear the voices of our SEND, EHCP and EAL children and families and our collaboration with Capella House will have built new positive experiences for both school communities.

Anna Freud Framework – We will continue to support the mental health of our children and families through the delivery of the Anna Freud outreach service. Working alongside the service, we will support the school’s positioning as a pilot for a nationwide rollout of two projects: the ‘5-steps to well-being’ programme and the Trauma Council’s School Resource.

PATHS Programme – The PATHS programme will be embedded throughout the curriculum with all existing and new teachers receiving training and support. We will have achieved PATHS school accreditation. The PATHS programme empowers all children to develop the fundamental social and emotionalskills which will enable them to make positive choices throughout life.


Where we are now:

The school continues to perform above the national average in all assessed learning areas and above the Richmond average in the majority of these areas. We have set ambitious targets across the curriculum – these are outlined in the School Improvement Plan and include closing the attainment gap between boys and girls in writing, consistently challenging our Most Able students and effective planning and support for our SEND children to achieve the greatest impact. The school is also committed to instilling a love of reading in all pupils across all years and encouraging their capacity to make a more creative difference in our world. The topic-based curriculum gives meaningful links between subjects under an overarching Key Question each half term. Pupils are engaged and enthused resulting in outstanding learning outcomes; they love their learning and the memorable learning experiences that result.

In 3-5 years:

School Results – We will maintain our strong results in all aspects of the curriculum. We will continue to improve the school in line with the School Improvement Plan including all children targeting 90% pass in the Year 1 phonics screening and more Pupil Premium pupils achieving Greater Depth in their learning.

Centre of Excellence – St Marys will be a Centre of Excellence, locally and nationally. Through our partnerships with Anna Freud – leading national change – and our status as a School’s Direct school, in conjunction with our support for Capella House and the beneficial experience of integrating the children at both schools. We will be an outward looking school, working with other schools to support and extend our provision for local children.

Standards – Standards will remain high through a continual assessment of teaching and emphasis on behaviour, respect, support and learning.

Our pupils

Our Year 6 leavers are:

  • Clear about the meaning and significance of faith in their lives
  • Understanding and compassionate, with a great ability to empathise
  • Collectively well above national averages academically
  • Passionate about learning; ready to embark on a lifelong learning journey
  • Experienced and understanding of diversity, setting the foundations for a positive and accepting adulthood
  • Creative risk takers, not afraid of making mistakes
  • Confident but reflective, with an attitude of never giving up
  • Healthy and well prepared for the social pressures of adolescence and beyond.

The Governing Body
St Mary’s CE Primary School
Dec 2019