Our Strategic Plan

St Mary’s: growing and learning together, inspired by Jesus’ love.

A cohesive and inclusive school with shared Christian values, underpinned by a strong culture that blends compassion with excellence.

Where we are now

The school is embedding the many changes introduced in the past 18 months following considerable change in leadership and management. Improvements are prioritised in a detailed development plan. With the support of the whole school community, significant financial challenges have been and continue to be addressed through careful budgeting to secure a strong financial footing for the school’s long term future. We had particular focus last year on writing throughout the school and introduced a continued evolution of the new assessment framework, especially moderation of pupil work; we are supporting development for senior and middle leaders and looking for greater links with other schools, the local authority and LDBS; our 2 newly built new classrooms on the junior site are now fully utilised supporting the expansion to three forms of entry and accommodating the extra reception class accepted in 2014. In the past year the School has focused on its commitment to being a caring, wholly inclusive school and an active part of the community, through initiatives such as working towards becoming an adoption friendly school, working closely with the Anna Freud outreach service and various fundraising activities.

St Mary’s in….

2019: The school will have three forms in all years, plus one bulge class. We will be supporting the senior leaders in achieving the objectives in the school development plan. A robust appraisal process supports the professional development of our staff and all teaching remains good or outstanding. Standards will remain high through a continual assessment of teaching and emphasis on behaviour, respect, support and learning. The school will be well on its way to a more secure and predictable financial future thanks to a fairer budget allocation, efficiency savings and fund raising.

2021: We expect by this time to have had another Ofsted Inspection, and since we are confident that we have built on our outstanding standards across the board since 2011, underlined in the 2016 SIAMS inspection, we will aim to achieve outstanding status again. We
will be an outward looking school, working with other schools to support and extend our provision for local children. The National Funding Formula together with our own continued efficiency will mean that we are on track to achieve long-term financial stability.

2023: St Mary’s will be a centre of excellence locally and nationally, a beacon catering for the needs of all children and celebrating their diversity. Our 630 pupils, spread over 3 sites, will thrive in a small school familiarity whilst belonging to one cohesive school with shared Christian values and a common identity. We will be the beating heart of the Twickenham community.

Our history

St Mary’s has a long and distinguished history and through its willingness to evolve and be flexible, it will have an equally bright and exciting future. Our mission statement is: “Growing and learning together, inspired by Jesus’ love”, our motto “Conemur” (we will try), and our aspiration for every member of the school community to follow the example of Mary, our patron, in being compassionate, loving, caring and inclusive. This is a school with excellent relationships between and among adults and learners; the SIAMS Inspector in February 2016 commended the shared commitment of leaders and governors and chaplain which is “sustaining a culture that blends compassion with excellence”.

Our plan

Standards will continue to grow, our budget will balance and we will create our own revenue in order to fund our own aspirational projects. We will be an outward looking school, working with the local authority to support and extend our provision for all local children; we will be a teaching school, training and nurturing the next generation of teachers; underpinned by our Christian ethos, we will be a caring school, encouraging compassion and respect towards, and empathy with, all members of our school community; we work with other schools in the area and beyond, forming partnerships and collaborations to the benefit of every St Mary’s child; we will support the community through use of our middle site facilities, and form links with local charities and businesses.

Our pupils

Our year 6 leavers are:

  • Collectively well above national averages academically
  • Passionate about learning; ready to embark on a lifelong learning journey
  • Experienced and understanding of diversity, setting the foundations for a positive and accepting adulthood
  • Clear about the meaning and significance of faith in their lives
  • Creative risk takers, not afraid of making mistakes
  • Confident but reflective, with an attitude of never giving up
  • Understanding and compassionate, with a great ability to empathise
  • Healthy and well prepared for the social pressures of adolescence and beyond.

The Governing Body

St Mary’s CE Primary School
July 2018