We believe homework is a useful extension of work done in school and that a gradual progression in the amount and frequency of homework set from Reception through to Year 6 helps to prepare children for what will be required of them in secondary school. However, we do not want to overload children or dominate the free time which they could otherwise use to relax and explore their own interests.

A variety of homework is used, depending on age and ability. Starting in Reception, children are encouraged to take their reading books home every day. Older children are expected to read regularly, learn spelling and practise multiplication facts. Other homework tasks might include story and poetry writing, maths investigations and topics to research. We hope parents will show an interest in their child’s homework and provide encouragement. Any ‘voluntary’ additional homework would be beneficial. Homework should not become an onerous task but an extension of your child’s education which, in turn, should be valued by parents and children alike.


Home School Agreement

As part of the Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998, we have a Home-School-Child Agreement which we offer all parents/guardians. The Agreement explains:

• the school’s aims and values

• the school’s responsibilities towards its pupils

• the responsibilities of the pupil’s parents; and

• what the school expects of its pupils.

We produced the Home-School-Child Agreement by drawing together a volunteer group of parents. This group discussed the effectiveness of St Mary’s home-school links and produced a draft of the Agreement which the teaching staff developed further and the Governing Body then approved.

Each child will receive a copy of the Agreement. Please would you read it and sign the parents’ section, returning the signed Agreement to your child’s class teacher. The Headteacher, Mr Campbell, will then sign on behalf of the school and return the Agreement to you to keep.

You will see that on the back page of the Agreement there is a section for each child to sign. This only need be done if you think your child is able to understand the Agreement and what is expected of him or her. However, most of our pupils would be able to do so and would enjoy playing their part by signing their names, especially if you can spend a few minutes discussing the document together first. If you have more than one child in school, could they all sign the same copy so that we have just one document per family please.

See our Home School Agreement on our policies page